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When it comes to grants, most people think they can’t get personal grants to pay their bills. That’s because they don’t know where to look. There are 4 main reasons for that:

#1 – Most “Free Money” is not called “grants”. Over 80% of the free money that the government gives away is not actually called grants, so when people are looking, they’re looking in the wrong areas.

#2 – Most of the Free Money available to you doesn’t show up on a regular Google search. In fact, when you do a search on Google you’re far more likely to find someone trying to sell you some information about grants than you are likely to find any free money.

#3 – The Free Money is not where you think it is. Here’s a hint, stop looking in D.C, look closer to home. That’s right, most of the available funds that you can tap into are actually from state and local governments.

#4 – Most people believe the Myths About Grants. Either “grant applications are too complicated” or “grant money is only there for poor people”. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Most grant applications are only a few pages of fill-in-the-blanks style forms and only 12% of the available free money goes to the poor!

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